Incentive Travel

Living the adventure of your life with every trip

Congress Bookers carefully plans unforgettable incentive travel trips, fully customisable and that cater to all adventure tastes. Our incentive travel trips will:

Act as an incentive for staff to be more productive.

Boost loyalty and good vibes.

Educate company members through trainings.

Support the company with achieving business goals.

Reward staff for their performance.

Strengthen the employer brand.

Foster collaboration and trust.

Be a memorable adventure.

What is Incentive Travel?

Incentive travel is a business trip experience that provides an exciting and unforgettable way for a company to reward and thank their employees for their hard work and make them feel valued and appreciated by acknowledging their success.

From glacier walking in Iceland to riding elephants through the streets of India, island hopping in Croatia to swimming with dolphins in Singapore, an incentive travel trip can give your staff the chance to visit exotic destinations, witness stunning sights and take in once-in-a-lifetime experiences through your business.

Craft a once-in-a-lifetime travel adventure for your staff, customers and partners.
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Incentive Travel and how we can bring the experience to your company

Incentive travel represents a unique and unforgettable way - in the form of a business trip - for a company to reward its employees for their performance, make them feel appreciated and cherished. Incentive travel trips give staff the opportunity to visit exotic locations, get acquainted with other cultures, admire dazzling sights and perform all sorts of activities that they might only get the chance to do once in a lifetime. Incentive travel is also a way for companies to loyalize staff, customers, partners.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team at Congress Bookers makes every incentive travel trip a WOW experience. Our trips include flights, transfers, travel insurance, accommodation, are fully customisable to your staff's adventure preferences and schedule, as well as your budget. From swimming with the dolphins in exotic locations to riding camels in the desert or taking cooking lessons from famous chefs, nothing is off-limits and everything is tailored to your preferences.

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