I can buy myself a plane ticket...where to?

2023-02-16 12:10:08

Valentine’s Day is over but heart decorations can still be found at every corner. If you did not get a chance to go on a city break and you are still wondering what you can see next, here’s a riddle: what city is as close to Wien as it is to Wroclaw and it gets more and more popular every year?

Did you say Prague? Cause if you did, you are right. The capital city of Czechia developed in recent years and tourists discovered that close to the German border there is an old city where good prices and interesting tourist attractions combine into a good deal.

You can easily land at Vaclav Havel Airport, the hub for Czech Airlines and Smartwings or you can fly here with Ryan Air or Eurowings as they have many flights connected to the airport. The international airport in Prague got its new name in 2012 after the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic.

Wondering what you can see? There are plenty of nice places for all tastes and the best part is that the Czechs took great care of their historical buildings which is why a simple walk around the city is a good way to start.

Obviously, everyone starts with Prague Castle which is known for being the largest ancient castle in the world as it occupies an area of 750,000 square feet. An entry ticket can be bought online for 18 euros or you can buy a skip-the-line one and have a guide for 35 euros. The castle buildings represent every style of architecture of the last millennium and here you can visit a cathedral, a basilica, a monastery, and several gardens and towers. Of course, you should know this is also the residence of the President. It is a highly popular attraction as the Czech Republic has a population of around 10 million and here 1.8 million tourists come every year. Guards change every hour, but everyone wants to get a glimpse of the 12 p.m. moment when guards exchange the regimental banner while the fanfare sings.

Another world record is connected to the well-known Prague Astronomical Clock, the oldest one in the world that still works. Its history goes back to the year 1410 and the common legend is that if the clock befalls, the whole city will have the same faith.

Vlatava River crosses over Prague so you will find many bridges around the city among which the Charles Bridge is the most popular one. This bridge connects the Old Town with the Mala Strana, where the famous Lennon Wall gathered together graffiti artists inspired especially by the Beatles’ well-known figure, John Lennon. Since the 1980s, the wall is filled with lyrics and designs inspired by the Beatles’ songs. 

On the other hand, the Old Town is mostly known for its beautiful square, where art lovers and foodies will find exactly what they love the most. I guess a cruise on the river is the best way to end the day and meditate while sailing away between the city lights in the heart of old Bohemia.

If it is lunchtime, you should know inside the National Gallery at Prague Castle there is Kuchyn, a great restaurant where you can taste local flavours. Other good options would be Mlynec, Obecni Dum, U Bulinu or Krcma- a medieval tavern dedicated to meat lovers.

If you still have the energy you should plan to do some shopping at Na Prikope, a leafy shopping street filled with fashion boutiques and malls. Back in the 1870s, a horse-drawn tram operated here connecting Wenceslas Square and Republic Square.

In spring 2023, Congress Bookers invites you to Prague on two occasions: Breath Conference between the 20th and the 22nd of April and ESC Heart Failure Congress between the 20th and the 23rd of May. The European Sleep Research Society and the European Respiratory Society welcome all interested professionals to update their knowledge and skills as well as make new connections with other specialists in the same field.

Regarding ESC Heart Failure Congress in May, the good news is that early registration fees are accessible until the 21st of March so hurry up.

Our colleague, Madalina Vasiliu, will be in town for the Meetings Space between the 23rd and the 25th of February. She will take advantage of this occasion to do a site inspection to make sure we are ready for the spring congresses. This is a good idea for you too, as you can drop by a request or check our website for more details.

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